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Originally Posted by nwshc
What cosmos said is so so so true. What did France give to the Tsunami victums? Somthing like 100,000 dollars. What did Germany give? Something like 1 million I think.

What do you think would happen if the US had a major event like a Tsunami? How much do you think will be donated to us? PRETTY MUCH NOTHING! Cuz most other countries are pricks like France and Spain.
thats a really shallow opinion there. first off those numbers for amount of money donated are not true. second the reason the the u.s donated more is because it is a large country in population. i bet person for person canada donated more. im not saying the u.s didnt do their share because they definetly did their part and then some but calling other countrys pricks for not donating as much as your country is narrow minded. maybe those countrys arent as well off as yours.
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