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Originally Posted by NintendoFanboy View Post
I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!! God says it's not okay, yet I don't feel that way! I want to turn out straight when I get older, yet I want to be gay, I CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND! Right now, I'm bi-curious. When I get older, I don't know. .
I'm bi and this is a huge reason why, at first I couldn't accept it. The other reason comes from my parents and family. They don't, and never will, understand me or bisexuality. Religion is what I've based my entire life off of. My Catholic faith is my role model and each day I strive to be the Catholic that I and God know I can be. I've come to understand a lot about the integration of homosexual tendencies with the Catholic faith through the help and guidance of a few very important individuals in my life, one of whom is a religion teacher at my old high school and another is a Jesuit priest. I understand your concern, as it was part of mine as my sexuality developed and I am more than willing to help you along your personal journey of understanding.

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