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Default Re: qwestion ??HELP

Originally Posted by derikkid
Qwestion ???? if you shave ,pull,pluck a few hairs out of your legs will they grow back longer

Originally Posted by derikkid
and i have pubes and hair and mi voice is semi broken but my penus hasnt grown atall realyy i worried because i wana have sex soon and i cant wiv mi little kids dick im 14 when will it grow and what stage am i at i can cum clear cum and gt pubes arm pitt hair leg hair and im bout 5.4 evrywon of my freinds dicks have grown part from mine HELPP ! i need answers
Could make sentences instead of throwup?!?!? omfg lol

You're normal and you can have sex with that dick because it's fine.
I dunno the stages so forget that
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