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yeah thats a tough one. I am very Catholic, plan on saving it, it's so hard!

I have a bf of 6 months. We are very intimate and both virgins (im actually his first gf).
Anyways the touching started over the clothes, then under...

Its like I've done things like giving him a handjob and i've seen his "little friend" (lol). But at first it was all weird for him (hes very Christian too), but we got used to it. It's easier with me do make HIM feel good because of how everything is "in reach for me."

He's had his hand under my shirt and stuff, but we never go down there with me. It's more complicated for him I'd think.

Okay, enough of me; you:

Feeling aroused is more than appropriate for your age. It's normal and a part of life. As long as you feel you can control yourself, and your boyfriend can too, you're in good hands.
Male symptoms...They're a little trickier. A male here might know...Well, for their erections, you can't always necessarily know if they have one unless they're making out on top of you or basically very up close against you. I've seen my boyfriend, and when he has to get up he hides it by sticking it against his leg or something. But you won't actually "see" it (if you mean the actual erection) through his clothing. Although it may be peeping out of his boxers (lol).

I don't think I can say more and I hope I helped, and was appropriate myself!! =\


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