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Default Wow...been more than a year...

I sure do miss this place! Got me through some really tough times in my life, wish I had thought to consult it more recently when I could really have used it. Well, it's good to be home! I assume most won't remember me, especially since I just kind of disappeared of the face of the earth for quite some time (used to have a rather unpopular diary called "Memoirs of the Rare," if that rings a bell at all. Just thought I'd re-introduce myself to the VT community and let everyone know that if you need someone, I'm here to help if I can.
My name is Maria, and I'm sixteen, going to be a junior in high school. And...I'm back!

"I'm the other daughter...I'm beautifully tragic."

-Elphaba "Thropp" aka The Wicked Witch of the West (from Wicked, the musical, though the book is also excellent, might I add)

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