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Default Sexual arousal

Wow, it's good to be back on VT! Haven't been on in absolute ages. Anyway, here goes...
I am a sixteen-year-old female with a very Catholic up-bringing. I am a virgin (plan to stay one until marriage) with little to no sexual experience besides kissing and touching (not purposefully sexual or inappropriate in nature) with my first serious (seventeen-year-old) boyfriend (of five months, now). I know that when I am with him, when we touch or kiss, I feel aroused. I would like to know if that is appropriate for my age, lack of experience, and the length of our (very close) relationship. I have also asked him if he feels the same way, getting the "vibe" that he does, and assuming, because he is, after all, male, that he would, to which he replied, in so many words, that he does. But I was wondering what the "symptoms" of male arousal are, if there are any obscure signs, or signs one might be able to detect (of course, fully clothed, not the obvious response). Thanks so much for your time.

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