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Default uhm...

over a month ago i started technically dating this guy. i knew from the beginning that he had emotional issues because we had talked a couple months before we started dating. i knew i cared for him and i felt like we needed each other. you know the feeling (maybe?).
last friday night his parents let me stay over. i thought everything was fine until one moment i started texting a friend of mine and he told me he was going to go downstairs and he did not know if he was coming back. about fifteen minutes later i went downstairs and his mum told me he was in the office. i went in there and it was dark and he was sitting in the chair and playing with fire. i tried to get him to tell me what was going on and he decided to go on a walk. i went with him to try to get him to talk to me and finally he told me he felt like killing himself. we walked to the park and he was trying to relieve stress. he was on those things you lift yourself up on and he looked at me and told me he knew he would hurt me. i ended up sitting on something (like i can really remember the names of things in a park) with him and i was texting my mum and waiting for her to help me out. we finally ended up back at his place and he was so stubborn and would not believe anything i had said.
saturday went good.
sunday my ex started in on a lot of things and i refused to give him his number. he told me he was done. monday night, i got a call from my ex saying that he was cheating on me. i called him and asked him and he was like "no i'm not fucking cheating on you. that is a fucking disgrace. do not message me for the rest of the night." tuesday night he had calmed down a little and asked if i could hang out with him on the fourth. my mum and i have a tradition and i cannot usually get out of it and he understood and he was supposed to come over thursday. later tuesday night / early wednesday morning i texted him to see if he would calm me down because we heard a knock at my friend's window and then he proceeded to tell me that thursday we needed to talk. i texted him wednesday before i left to go out to come over around noon thursday and he said ok then he texted later with "i love you goodnight".
thursday he slept all day. moving on...
today i recieved a text from him saying he was not good enough and then another saying he runs from relationships. luckily my friends came over and agreed to take me to his place. i did not know he was at work so i ended up talking to his parents about everything. his mum read the texts and she told me to give him some time. his dad mentioned me asking if he had been cheating on me and his mum said that all he wants to do is be with me and he thinks in some way i am cheating on him. his dad told me that he keeps his word and i should not be worried. his mum took me outside and told me another thing he was afraid about. me being pregnant. luckily i am not but she said he had been worried and he did not know what to do. then we both agreed he should come over here and we should talk it out. and she wished the best which no one's parents has ever done that before.

i am worried. i still worry even though talking to his parents helped, i am still not sure what to do.

(sorry this was so long)

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