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Default Re: Thursday, an extended metaphor

Here's a random thing I wrote once that I liked as well-

Why do you live?

I live to fulfill my dreams. I live to help others. I live to make music with a passion unheard of. I live to laugh with a joy beyond understanding. I live to sing my soul to the world for all to hear. I live to dance my heart on stage for all to see. I live to see the ones I love. I live to share in the happiness of the world. I live to watch each day unfold like a new life eager to begin. I live to defy the odds. I live to create my own rules. I live to succeed at the impossible. I live to change one person's life for the better. I live to learn two new things every day.I live to bring light to someone's life. I live for that perfect hairday. I live to one day look into the eyes of my love. I live for the family I can't wait to begin. I live for the family that will never end. I live for the smile that says, "Congratulations, you've done well." I live for the embrace that lets me know I'm loved. I live for the chance to share with others. I live to see the peace in the world. I live to be the cause of some small joy.
I live.

Do you?
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