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Default Re: Thursday, an extended metaphor

Thanks for the replies, everyone! This was an assignment in my English class- to pick a day of the week and create an extended metaphor out of it. My reasoning behind it: I'm a member of a drum corps that has rehearsals Friday through Sunday an hour from my house, so I [and most of the other members] stay at someone's house every weekend. So as the week progresses I think, "It's no big, I have plenty of time to get all my stuff together..." Knowing that when Friday came along I would have no time whatsoever because I would literally come home from school and leave in 2-3 hours, thus I would have to be ready by Thursday evening- though preferably before. This, however, has never happened. I am a queen among procrastintors, and every week Thursday would roll around and I'd realize I still had to polish my horn, do 3 loads of laundry [with a broken washer!!! AH!], pack all my clothes, put together my dot sheet [which generally took an hour] and it was always totally hectic and frantic and I always ended up forgetting something. Thankfully now that it's summer it's a lot less stressful every weeked So there's the reasoning behind it: Thursday, while it is altogether unimportant and generally ignored, it became a time that I absolutely dreaded each week. Lol.
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