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Default Re: Sexual Difficulties

Sorry, I'll go on. As for the "Friend Thing", nothing really happened. I actually meant it for any friend in general. You see its as if the slight erection towards a friend, is more over excitement rather than sexual. Its like, I don;t want sex from him, but yet my penis still moves. Maybe because I really like that person as a brother. But yet if the friend is handsom, again the penis will movie. So I'll sit there and try to think, "If I was bisexual, can I have sex with this guy", but it stresses me to think of it. And if I have a dream, of kissing a man, or having sex, I'll wake up mad, but have an erection. Sometimes I am so stressed, that its hard to masturbate. Because while I cum, to a woman in my head, an image of a guy will pass in the thought. So techniqually, was I masturbating to a male or female,?, or was it an un-wanting thought that past in, to brake my concentration. And you a right, I am very stressed.
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