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Default Re: Sexual Difficulties

Thanks I appreciate the talk. And sorry for the length of the support.

Well, the be more specific, it was only the bearhugs that really did it. After a number of years, I didn't get turned on by it, but now its back. There are times where, I say to myself "ok relax, and see how far it goes", So I'll star at a man bearhugging another, and this time I'll get a full blown erection. And sometimes it won't happen at all. You see, I do believe there is more to life, and you should ambrace every moment to the fullest. So I try not to stress over the issue of sexuality. So to be more specific, its the bearhugs. But I noticed, when I do get a slight erection, I get annoyed, as if my consciounce is getting mad at me. Like i said, I don't care what society thinks of me, and I even have a loving mother who supports me in everything. Perhaps I have her personality. But, even as a kid, whatever I fealy, I believed "I" belong with a woman only. This is what kills me iside. Whats going on?
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