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Default Re: Sexual Difficulties

Hey Adam! Welcome to the forums!

Ok, well first nobody's too old to know they're gay. I know a man who was 59 when he found out he was gay. Of course that shouldn't be a role model, but I'm just using it as an example

We can't tell you if you're gay. If you like women, hmm then maybe you're bi. You sound straight, but a little attracted to men. But it's so hard to tell.
It might feel like a tug of war, but I don't think you should go to a therapist until you've at least tried out this site. There are plenty of gay people who would be willing to talk to you!

Here's the secret to getting closer about knowing your sexuality: talk with a person who understands O_O just talking and letting out your feelings can sort out your mind. Typing can do that too!

First, I just wanna ask, what do you like about wrestling that gets you a hard-on? The guys, the action, or the sport? I mean, the erection would come from some kind of guy-on-guy action, rubbing, or their bulges, not just by watching it mindlessly!

Personally, I think you're just straight and mildly attracted to guys. Just because you get a boner doesn't mean that you're gay or bi.
You're gonna have to give more info (just watch how long the posts are )
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