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Default Re: How to tell parents...

Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
I think you should only tell them if you're comfortable with it. Since you're obviously not, you may have to hide it. I'm hiding it from my entire school, even tho they think I'm gay just because I do some strange things (and I don't even act all that gay)

I don't have much advice for you, although I can say that telling a sister or sibling first might be easier because I've heard it was from a lot of coming out stories!

If you do tell your parents, just act like you regularly would. Just be yourself...It'll be harder to hate you if you're still the guy you've always been, and now they know you're gay.
Ha, guys at my church are like that. And I don't act gay! And also, the only brother I have is 8. (You know, I really wish I had a twin...) Sooo, anyway, it's lunchtime, I won't be on until tonight. See ya.

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