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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?

Originally Posted by ~sTrUcK~ View Post
but what about maybe making a sexuality forum as an official forum and leaving the gay bar as a diary that more active veteran members that have been more involved in VT and recorded their experiences there as a place for them to keep updating without having a 'lolzz i'm 13 1/2 and i get horny when i see a guy's muscle um i gayyyyy??' threads (you know, the spam ones,) thrown in.
It might be, but I don't see how you can't just put up with posting in there anyway once it's an official forum. Besides, the Gay Bar has a lot of threads from newer members and it'll be a lot easier to move the Gay Bar rather than creating a forum with no posts from scratch. There would be archives and older posts to look at and older advice to look up on.

Plus you oldies have enough things to do! Most of the oldies to even post anymore, or at least in the forums they were put as moderators. I don't see why oldies can't go in the new forum anyway, I mean Puberty101 isn't that bad if you don't reply to ALL the posts.

I would know

Besides, it'll get more traffic, both from older members and newer members. It can still serve the same purpose, it's just in a different place!
Also, I think James's posts are probably going to be deleted by a mod but that's just to make it an official forum, and I think that's just something we have to live with.

(btw, it's been getting good discussions lately that suit it to be an official forum)

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