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Talking Re: How to tell parents...

Originally Posted by olivia View Post
i dont know how i have the same problem as ya come from a baptist family with deep religouis attitudes and excepting of this of ya and that it depends on how ya family is if they are christians than it may be hard but how do they react to gayness if ya would tell them what would happen maybe you could ask questions that would help ya find out like one time i asked my mum what if she had gay child she said she would disown them and kick them out so if that is the case then dont tell ya parents till you can finacial support ya self and for ya friends how do they react to gayness how will they react you need to find out bout some stuff first in my opinion but if ya family and friends love ya enough they will accept ya for what you are i hope this helps and that every thang goes well
Thanks! You know, you always feel like you're alone, until a certain point, when you read or hear about someone like you!
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