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Default Re: my mum's boyfriend

i know how you feel my moms boyfriend never cared about me i dont need a new dad i have one that cares about me i just feel like hedoesnt have to act like im not there everytime i told my mom she would say dont pay attention to him but he always tries to make me do work and more chores and clean myself more and he tells my mom that he doesnt want to see me grow up as a bum on the street and tries to teach me discipline but my point of view is that to discipline like a father you have to ACT like one too so make sure that if he ever touches you you advise your mom if she ignores you or tries to make you change your mind about him you warn her that its getting out of hand and maybe throw in something like "i know you love him but but you love me too and i feel like i couldnt standliving with him i dont want o get involved in your love life but your love life coincides with mh everyday life and hes making it really hard on me can you please just talk to him about respecting me a bit more at least to control himself" i probably wrote alot but it just bothers me because my moms boyfriend stayed eith her for 3 years and she still talks about her being in love with him and wanting to get back together with him so talk to your mom how you know she will best aknowledge you situations like these can be hard but just ignore anything that bothers you and make sure to stay out of it your mom can handle herself but you cant afford to have a man likethat be against you i hope everythimg turns out good for you good luck!
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