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Has anyone seen the Maury Show where they have 200 lbs 2 year olds? That can tell you alot.

This one kid had a disorder. She would eat and eat and eat. Even when the mom tryed to cut back, the kid still gained pounds.

This other kid had a fucked up parent. She wanted him to be the "biggest" baddest kid in school and the world. She would feed him triple fried pig fat. And she didnt even want to hear that she was doing bad cuz she thought that she was doing good.

Most of them was just from the kids eating to much on their own free will. The kids would somehow get into the food and eat.

I cant belive the parents tho. Anyone who feeds your kids fried pig fat should deserve to die. How could they do that to thier own kid. Just wait till someday the kid doesnt get up for school and he is pale in the bed.
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