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Default Re: What turns You On?

1)What gets your gears grinding?
[b]Well, almost everything, but that's how I am. I think about all the wierd stuff.
2)Where's your "spot?" Mouth, Nipples, Penis, Almost anywhere! (Didn't understand it at first, but I have no partner, so...)
3)What's the longest you've ever prolonged an orgasm? About 5-10 minutes...
4)What's your favorite position/technique? My Own. I'll explain below.

Alright. You can only do it if you're uncut. Take your first finger and thumb of each hand, and put them on your foreskin. Then rub like no tomorrow. Just rub. Don't need lube, just rub! (For masturbation, again, I didn't know what you meant.)

I would like to try 69ing, frotting, fellatio of course, actually having a partner, but I can't because of my parents... (This secret's getting exhausting...)

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