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Originally Posted by nwshc
It happened in our own country. The kid was saying f-you to the reacher, got in a couple punches to the teachers face, then kicked the teacher in the leg hard.

Then when the cop started to put the cuffs on her the girl went nuts. started screaming, kicking her legs, and banging her head on the desk. It was the only way to calm her down.

The parents are assholes. The went on tv and said they were going to sue and all that bullshit, when there own kid was at fault. The only way to calm her was to cuff her.
ok now that i get the whole story my oppinion changes. ok maybe the cop shouldnt have physically put handcuffs on her, but instead use those strip ties they have for less serious cases. but in either case, the cop had a right to intervene and if the parents sue for money i hope they get in a car crash and die.

i hate people who sue frivolously for money. fuc,ing gready bastards
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