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Unhappy Lonely Yet Desperately Looking

Okay, I'll cut to the chase if you people don't mind. For well over a year now, I've been dealing with depression problems. If I think back, it was probably first set off by a hard crush on a girl and a rejection I took badly. This, I later found out from her friend, was because she was secretly dating someone else and she didn't want anyone to know (which DID turn out to be true). Of course, I was over it within a week and everything was cool between me and the girl who are still friends, which is good.

However, since then, I've been growing more and more lonely - wanting to find a 'significant other' if that's the correct term, or in other words, someone to have a relationship with. Well since then I've been constantly gaining crushes on people who were already taken or else liked somebody else (found out for sure) - all of these nice people, but without even asking I managed to crush each one back into friend status.

I did ask out another girl who's a good friend of mine but she basically changed the subject and somehow I never got an answer, yet recently she's been acting more friendly than usual and coming up along to say hi. I'm unsure if this is a good sign, I've received advice to ask her out for coffee perhaps and ask her casually if she doesn't bring it up herself.

Well obviously I just gave my own advice to myself, however, if anyone could give me tips on how to find someone to fill that empty space if this fails, it would be deeply appreciated. I know I've still got plenty of time ahead of me as a 15 year old, however, I would at least want to see if I can fill this empty space just once during High School, even if it makes it worse I want to know I had a go at a relationship. Obviously I'm not being very clear here and sorry for the long read, so basically I'm asking:

What is a good strategy to minimize friendship trouble and find a girl who would go out with me? Where can I find her (like school)? How and where is a good place to ask if she likes me or else if she'd go out with me?

I'm obviously only going to be looking for someone I already get along well with, or will probably get along well with, so I can basically say I'm a quiet, silent achieving type who does well in school yet has plenty of friends. I'm the person who listens in to the conversation rather than joining it.

Thanks lots in advance whether or not I get advice for this
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