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Default Re: give me 3 to 10 reasons

1. ya would be missed by ya family and friends and they would be lost wit out ya

2. we will miss ya and it wont be the same on here without ya

3. ya could find a cure for cancer

4. ya could find a cure STD's or HIV or AIDS

5. ya arent giving ya children the chance of life

6. it isnt ya time to go ya still have many many many miles left in that thar heart

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8. ya can do something great in life

9. u shouldnt add on to the growing numbers of suicides

10. ya r luved very deeply by many people

11. ya will leave behind all the thangs ya luv earlyier than before ya are suppose to

12. u r scared and dont want to

13. it is never time to do it (It never is time to do it.)

14. u have a purpose in life and it isnt being some moron who sets and example of what can happen when ya do thangs like what ya do

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