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I personally was raised in a christian household but lost my faith a couple years ago. It started out as "it doesn't make logical sense" then it evolved to "It doesn't make sense, but even if I'm wrong why would I want to spend an eternity with a being that allows such suffering" and now I have no doubts that their is NO god. It has been proven wrong by science on multiple occasions. For instance, according the bible the universe is only 6000 years old. I don't look at earth to prove this wrong, because there's always the argument "Oh, God made it this way." That's possible, but it is not possible for a star that is 15 billion light years away to project it's light on the earth over 6000 years, it would take 15 billion years. Christianity says evolution is wrong. Did you know there's a bug that eats nothing but nylon? Why would God put a bug on the planet 6000 years ago that eats a man made material that has only been around for a relatively small amount of time?

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