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Default Re: give me 3 to 10 reasons

Originally Posted by CryingEye666 View Post
whatever i just underlined, is really true. i am scared of doing it. and yes i hope for a change in my life. and yes i love something/someone so much
You have a friend, loved-one, online friend or aquaintance that likes talking to you and they would miss you, even the slightest bit. You don't like movies? You like laughing. You'll miss that show that you like or that person that makes you laugh.

Yes you do have talents. You haven't noticed them so don't say you don't, because one thing about yourself is you don't give yourself enough credit and you need to give yourself more, even if your personality suits that it'll always be under the line.

You posted here and therefore you do care or are interested in living, or why you're living.
And you don't tell me you don't have the potential to make something out of your life. Starving kids living on the streets don't unless they get money from childrens funs or if someone cares...and you can find someone who cares. School, family, online friend. Teen hotline...
It's true! Don't tell me I'm wrong, because you would be in denile!

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