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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Think of the pain your friends and family feel. Do you really want to put them through grief? (Read this thread - very good explanation).

Life can get so much better. You're only 17. You have tons of years ahead of you. Why put it to waste? You have nothing to lose staying alive, but killing yourself throws everything away.

Why do you want to kill yourself? Anything is fixable. Don't give up.
i dont know if you live in the usa, but (not tryin to be mean), but do you think Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold cared how their friends and family felt before they did what they did?

Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
*you have the potential to make something out of your life
*you would be scared to commit suicide, even just a little
*you need to grab life by the balls and say "This is mine"
*you have talents
*you are interested in why you should live
*you have someone that cares about you
*you want to see a movie you haven't seen
*you love something so much that you want to do it again (sports, arts, school & knowledge or something small like having an orgasm)
*you hope for change in your life
I can't generalize it because that would be too hard to do. I'm happy almost every minute of the day because I look at those little things. Those small things that make me happy and give me a boost. I look for those things...rarely do they come to me without me doing something and I need to accept them, not push them away! Go for it, go for life man!!
whatever i just underlined, is really true. i am scared of doing it. and yes i hope for a change in my life. and yes i love something/someone so much

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