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Default Re: give me 3 to 10 reasons

*you have the potential to make something out of your life
*you would be scared to commit suicide, even just a little
*you need to grab life by the balls and say "This is mine"
*you have talents
*you are interested in why you should live
*you have someone that cares about you
*you want to see a movie you haven't seen
*you love something so much that you want to do it again (sports, arts, school & knowledge or something small like having an orgasm)
*you hope for change in your life

I can't generalize it because that would be too hard to do. I'm happy almost every minute of the day because I look at those little things. Those small things that make me happy and give me a boost. I look for those things...rarely do they come to me without me doing something and I need to accept them, not push them away! Go for it, go for life man!!
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