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Default Re: This is My Story

Thank you,Joshua, for being the only one to comment.

So, the next morning, Enrique came over.
"Hi," he said,"What's your name?"
"Jeffrey," I replied. He stuck his hand out. I shook it, lightly.
"Kelli, you should teach your child to shake hands firmly, manly," he said.
"I do. Jeffrey, why didnt you shake his hand like I tell you to?" she asked.
"I don't know. I just didn't, I guess." I answered. Enrique gave me a criticizing look. There was a long pause.
"So, anyway, Enrique I'll show you the porch." my mom said to break the silence. They walked off. Now I was starting to think he wasn't so great. That look he gave me made me think differently about him. Maybe I was just seeing things, I don't know. Well anyways, he fixed our porch and left.
The next day, he was over again. I looked at my mom confusingly.
"He's here to help clean up the blood downstairs," she whispered to me. Enrique gave me that same look as yesterday. What am I doing wrong? All I did was ask my mom a question. Well I went to my room to get away from his look. He cleaned it up and left.
I started noticing that Enrique came over everyday and stayed longer every visit. Then, he brought his computer, drum set, and clothes to our house.
"Why is he bringing all that stuff over Mommy?" I asked my mom.
"Well, Enrique needs a place to stay for a while and I'm going to be working more, so I need someone to watch you," she explained.

That's what started the worst part of my life.

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