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Default Re: Another gay story!

Sandy shot up, his spine dead, vertically straight, in an instant, putting his middle and index fingers on his face. Corey winced inwardly, thinking that he was going to get kicked out, or punched in the face.

“What was that for?” Sandy demanded, but in a gentle way.

The trouble was, Corey had no idea why he did it, so he merely excused his rash decision by saying, “I don’t know. It-it just sort of happened.” There was an awkward pause. “I’m sorry, I’m such an idiot,” he apologized.

His crush’s hand touched his. “Don’t worry about it,” Sandy soothed, and before he knew it, Corey was staring into his crush’s pupils, enveloped in crystalline sapphire irises. His own brown eyes and Sandy’s seemed to be pulling each other closer like tractor beams. His eyes darted downward for a split second to Sandy’s lips, resting on one another with a slight opening. Suddenly it occurred to Corey that maybe this was totally wrong of him to do.

He pulled back a few inches. “Look, this might be going too fast. I barely know you, I just met you today.” Sandy’s face fell. Uh-oh. He then wished that he just went and made out with him, and dealt with the consequences later. Also, Sandy looked somewhat hurt as well.

The boy across from him sighed. “Well, I was going to let you. I kind of wanted to, but now…” his voice trailed off.

“You don’t think I want to anymore?” Sandy’s gaze shot upward, a flicker of hope entering his eyes. “Of course I want to. I didn’t think you did!”

Sandy’s lips pulled into a grin, and for a moment all the boys had courage to do was stare at each other. “Awkward,” Sandy muttered. Corey laughed, and kissed Sandy before he could turn back.

As they engaged in lip lock, he began to realize that he was a terrible kisser. His only kiss before was with a little girl in first grade, under the jungle gym at recess. She’d moved away, and by sixth grade Corey had figured out that he was gay.

So, he merely tried to follow Sandy’s movements and do what he saw in movies. He placed his hand delicately on Sandy’s cheek, his other hand placed on Sandy’s hip. The next thing he knew, Sandy tugged on his shirt gently, pulling him down, to lie on top of him. Their lips disconnected for a split second for Sandy to place a soft kiss on Corey’s cheek.

“Wait,” Corey interrupted.

Sandy laid his head back on his bed. “What’s the matter?”

“What about your parents?”

“I told you, they’re never here,” Sandy laughed. He wrapped his arms around Corey, and in return Corey stroked his hair. They kissed again, slightly open-mouthed, their tongues doing part of the work. Sandy carefully began to roll over, and Corey flipped onto his back, having Sandy roll over to lay on him. For all they knew, there could have been sparks dancing between each other’s lips. Corey let his hand slowly creep up Sandy’s shirt. He felt a tug on his shoulders and he was pulled upwards. He found himself sitting up, still holding and kissing Sandy, with their legs enfolding each other’s body.

Their movements and kisses became more frantic. No longer where they keeping to the other’s mouth, now they were exploring the rest of their faces- cheek by cheek, chin, nose, forehead, their smooth hair, and even dropping down to the neck.

Sandy pressed his pursed lips into Corey’s, then kissed his chin, and went down to kissing and caressing Corey’s neck with his lips. Before he could help himself, he began to slowly pull Sandy’s shirt up, planning to take it totally off.

His hand touched Corey’s, pushing his shirt back down. Their lips disconnected, and Sandy laughed, “Wait till the second date.”

“When’s that going to be?”

“We can go somewhere tomorrow afternoon, right after school. Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t you show me around town?”

Just then Corey’s cell phone began ringing from his satchel. He sighed. “I’m not gonna answer that,” he stated.

“Who said you had to?” Sandy countered sweetly. Corey nearly pounced on him again. Who couldn’t fall in love with this boy?

Instead he shrugged. “It’s probably my mom or dad.”

“Then maybe you should answer it?”

Corey scoffed, “If I want to get grilled over the phone for running out of school.” Sandy shrugged; after all, it was Corey’s punishment to receive, not his.

“Maybe I should leave. I know they’ll kill me for leaving school, and they’ll probably take this as running away if I don’t get home.”

Sandy smiled sadly. “Good luck with your parents,” he wished him, taking hold of his hands.

“Thanks. I guess I’ll see you in school tomorrow, if I’m not suspended.” A quick glance into the boy with which he was holding hands’ eyes was all he needed to inspire a brief moment of more making out. They stopped, their foreheads resting on the other’s. “Well, bye.”

“I’ll walk you out,” Sandy said, an excuse to keep holding hands. Corey grabbed his satchel, slinging it around his right shoulder, and held Sandy’s right hand with his left.

They walked out to the porch, not yet wanting to part. “Bye,” said Corey. He looked around to see if anyone was looking, and he pecked a kiss on Sandy’s cheek. They hugged for another minute, and Sandy sent him off with a quick kiss on the cheek.

He felt a tinge of sadness and regret that in this world, they could have done what they have just done and not have to hide it only if one of them was a girl. Sandy waved and went back inside.

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