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Default Re: Nearly lost it, but things are working out.

i've learnt to make sure people can handle the drugs before I give it to them...

Urghhh shit fucked up again last night. Me and her at my place drinking and just as shes leaving for some reason shit kicks off and she has one of these panic attacks or whatever it is that affects her. Starts screaming at me telling me to fuck off, pushing me away, obviously in a state so theres no way I'm leaving her.
She starts walking into the middle of the road, shit like that and im pulling her out of the way of cars etc. I hold her whilst shes struggling and get her dad to come get her so she can get home safe. She went to spain today, very little recollection of what happened last night. Apologizes constantly today, and shes gone for 16 days. 16 fucking days, I miss this girl after a few hours. how am I gonna cope?
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