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Honestly, I have trouble believing your story. But...

First thing to do is to stop the steroids -- you don't need that shit. I'm sure you understand the terrible side effects. Fuck that shit, man. Steroids are one thing you can do without. It's wrecking your finances, your body, and now you're not playin sports anymore because of em. Why keep taking them?

If you're smoking crystal, stop slowly, not all at once. And the weed -- cut it down. 4 grams is a hell of a lot of weed; it's expensive, it makes you lazy, and you're head's not going to be clear when you're operating your meth lab (not safe). BTW, ditch the meth lab, but do so safely. Don't just throw the shit away somewhere anyone can see it. If you want, try stopping the weed altogether. If I were you, I'd probably have to smoke to keep myself from depression. Good luck.

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