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Default Re: This is My Story

Sorry if this part's a little anti-climatic. I just need to introduce a person or two.
The funeral was odd. Everyone wept for my brother, no one for my dad. Many family members and close friends gave their condolences. Of course there were a few that blamed my mom and myself for the deaths. Well, mainly me.
Then I noticed my mom smiling at something. I looked where she was looking and saw this tall, black guy standing there, away from all the commotion. I knew he wasn't part of the family, but if my mom was smiling at him and he was smiling back, he must be a nice person.
"Who's that?" I asked my mom.
"Oh, just one of my friends. His name is Enrique," my mom said, still smiling at him.Enrique looked at his watch and gave my mom a look.
"Jeffrey, go over to Yaya, ok. I just have to do something." She walked off and I walked over to my grandmother.
"Jeffrey!" she said and hugged me,"every thing's going to be alright. I'm going to help in any way possible."
"What do you mean Yaya?" I asked, not understanding how she would help.
"I'm going to help your mom with any money problems, and you, and other stuff you're too young to understand." she explained.
I was starting to wonder where my mom went. Just then I heard her laugh and walk back into the building.
"Mommy, where did you go?" I asked.
"I just made plans with Enrique to come over our house tomorrow. He's going to fix our porch,"she said, being a bit too excited about it.

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