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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Well, if there is absolutely NO WAY that you'll be able to masturbate at this place, I guess you're just gonna have to occupy your mind with other things. I go to a summer camp as well, BUT I have my own trailer down there (so no worries there ). However, I DID have to stay in a room FULL of all my other classmates when the whole class went on a 3-day camping trip! But for some reason, I never had the urge to masturbate during those three days (ok ok I'm lying; I almost whipped it out right then and there when I saw the girls from the older class in their hopelessly tiny bathing suits ). I guess the only thing stopping me was exhaustion. We woke up EXTREMELY early at this camp (around 4:30 or 5:00) and went to bed REALLY LATE (like 1 a.m. before we shut up. Hey; it was 30 guys in one confined space, we're bound to go apeshit ). Therefore I was too TIRED to masturbate, AND when I felt like doing it really badly I just had too many other things to do "with my spare time" if you know what I mean. Just try to keep yourself occupied, OR work yourself to death and you will be too tired to even THINK about masturbating!

Hope everything goes well!
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