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Default Re: Michael Moore's 'Sicko'

Originally Posted by kolte View Post
If I had a tumor in my spinal cord, I would die. I have no health insurance. My place of employment doesn't offer it. And money is scare in my entire family, a family that is submerged in poverty. Its not the fault of my family, mostly we all have higher education. My mother is a LPN, my grandmother has multiple PHD's, My Step Father has a minor degree in some field of architecture, my brother a minor in some field of graphic design. I myself have been eying a major in sociology with interest, but not wishing to submerge myself in debt, and having failed to achieve proper educational standers, a scholarship seems laughable. Though I have been offered a small scholarship in music, and am sure I could presume it, the debt would still be immense, and with little infrastructure to help me, only myself and the wealth I appropriate, the future for me is bleak. And what if I get sick...not to mention I face neurological disease called charcot marie tooth disorder, which has nothing to do with teeth. And if this escalates, I might be financially burdened, and not to mention, the symptoms, should they persist and develop could leave me handicapped. How am I, an impoverished and uneducated youth to handle this. Well, if only there was some program petitioned by the government that would help me. I could wait until it gets so bad that I get disability or until I'm so old and crippled I'm eligible for Medicare, but you know, I think it would just suck writhing in my own agony until then. My alternatives? Move to Canada or any number of countries in Europe. Or, work to achieve socialized medicine, not to mentions the over though of the conditions which have kept health care private (capitalism).

I respect your opinion I did acknowledge in a previous post that the healthcare system in America does need to be changed. Healthcare in America makes it very difficult for the poor to receive the same treatment that someone with a few extra dollars can pay for. But there is a gridlock. If healthcare in America became socialized, the same problems in Canada and most European countries would come into the picutre. I think all business should be responsible for the health of their employees, in the office or not. Humans are very efficient capital and have their fair share of pros against the machines. It sould be in our best interest to keep our productivity leves up and you can't have high productivity with an unhealthy group of people.

We need a system that helps everyone pay for medical expenses without negatively influencing the quality of health that can be delivered.

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