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Originally Posted by kolte View Post
Usually I say something like no offense before I post something like this. But I feel like just letting it out, so if your Christian, just forgive me, and to thous of you who are not, enjoy.

FOOLS. All of this incoherent, immature, grammatically incorrect, pointless and sincerely well, ignorant conversation is mind boggling. I know I know, why say anything? If this conversation is below my standards then why even join. I'm bored, and have little else to do.

There is so much in the preceding posts that diminishes the debate forum to worthlessness. I know, it was moved here and was originally posted in the puberty forum, which, god forbid I ever accidentally click upon it, but really, why keep it, just burn it, trash it, let it die a penniless death!

Out of boredom I will answer the original posters question.


What is right? What is wrong? Where do you search to satisfy these questions? The bible? Your parents? Your friends? I urge you to do something radically different. Why not consult yourself? There is a labyrinth of untapped knowledge within you, if only you could break the barrier and feast upon the uncontaminated water! (metaphor) If you search your own mind, using objectivity, or unbiased research, you will find your answer. Does it feel wrong? Why? If the answer is the bible, or your parents or your friends or your teacher, or your pastor, preacher, rabbi, monk, hero, anything....then you are subjected to morality driven into you by others. This is ok though, for you would not be alive today if you had not immolated off of others. However, you are coming of age now, and it is time to ask yourself what you think is right and wrong! There is something in everyone of us that drives us to learn. To acquire understanding takes a lot of time, and other peoples research WILL help you along your way. But! In conclusion to your thoughts it takes your own perception to come to true understanding. FUCK THAT. That is your motto for today. Allow yourself to subject judgment upon your own morals. To lean back, and observe what you believe in. In doing this, you will find the flaws of your thoughts. Note, that you will never finish. It will go on for the rest of your life, which is a good thing, because it allows you to constantly monitor what you say, so that you don't let slip a bit of ideology that contradicts your own well, morality. If you do this crazy thing, then you will cease to be a mere shadow of humanity, and in the place of your ancestors you will emerge, with your own culture, your own morality, your own ideology, your own! SELF!

I need to drink some water, I'm tired, *SLEEP* never...
That was very insightful;How you come up with this stuff I will never know.
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