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Post Forget

Medicate me. Maybe then we can down out my worries with those pills.

those pills that never quite worked the way i wanted them to, those pills that never quite shut out my pain.

Those pills that didn't quite make me forget like the way chasing them down with a bottle of vodka did.

i want to forget everything.

i need to forget. i need to forget. I NEED TO FORGET. (i can't live like this.)

Days go by without me noticing anymore (its been a month)

What? a month already?

You've moved on and i'm still here, in the background.
You look so happy, at least from what i can see, from a distance, because i'm still here in our miserable past together.

Now i know how you felt when i did this to you.

This time i'm the one who's stuck and you don't care anymore.

You don't care.

I'm going crazy.

Laying here on my kitchen floor, on the cold tiles, its the only place i've got.

Writing down a pages full of meaningless crap that i can barely read, maybe it'll make me feel better,

(maybe i wont think about you for a second)

Despret to fall in love, or maybe fall out of love.

Maybe just pleading for the day that i cant remember the colour of your eyes, or the thing's that you've said.

(love can't save you)

Nothing can.

I wish you cared...

W a r n i n g: Too Many Thoughts Could Lead To An Explosion.

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