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I wouldn't be so sure of that. NO OFFENCE to any american I'm not trying to be rude at all and if my post hurts you I'm sorry thats not my intention. America isn't very liked the american goverment is.....well extremly rude to preaty much every other country not to mention your goverments ego. All I'm saying is you've been rather nasty to many other goverments (espically Japan and China, russia to but there to messed up right now to matter) and there not gonna forget that, I'm getting rather pissed at america and its views on nuclear bombs you want every country to dismantle there bombs and your pissed like freakin livid if they don't yet you have tons of them. America has lost 16 nukes that the public knows about 2 of them were over Canada 1 over B.C by the northern tip of vancover Island and another by Qubec. The one over B.C was Americas first ever broken arrow (this happened when nukes were still rather new it was being transported from Alaska to....shit sum base I can't remember where they were given stricked orders not to enter Canadian air space but sumthin went wrong)

I just can't see America being #1 for much longer espically since your not as finacally stable as you used to be, your deficiet is HUGE. Now I really do hope that the U.K will be the one taking the power not Japan er China but I don't think thats gonna happen.


Originally Posted by cosmos
the ecomy of the us is top notch, unsurpassable
this is exactly what I'm talkin bout

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