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They are a blessing and a curse. One great side effect, and hundreds of horrid ones. I don't know you, never will, but advice from a stranger is always welcome, or at least thats what I think. No judgment here, don't know you, cant judge you. What it really comes down to is why you do the drugs. Its not hard to tell that 99% (no way I could know that number right?) of the folks who use drugs do it to escape. To run away. To get away. This isn't always bad. Some people use it for religious and spiritual purposes, but its plain that your not one of these people. Hell, to me, drugs are a counterculture. Its a way of saying FUCK YOU to those who want to keep you in your seat, your eyes glued to a television screen. (metaphor for the man; man being a metaphor for, well, you know. anyways) You have to decide if your reasons are justified, or if your just out for quick thrills. Heres to your health eh? Reality is bleak, but also riveting, and awe inspiring. Pain lets you know your alive, and it reminds you the price of your happiness. But hell, I'd give an arm to be happy, if something only made me happy. Thats a drug really. A pill that induces happiness. But the sad fact is that once the bud, the X, the cocaine...the speed, once its over, your spun back into reality. And the horror's are twice as obvious, driving you to light up the pipe, to roll the money and inhale the powder. And hell, its a great ride, but it never just slows down and lets you off. It shuts down, mid ride, and leaves you hanging upside down, the only way to save yourself is to take some more, let the ride keep going, so that you don't just hang there, the blood rushing to your head. But remember, if you just wait, a fireman will come to the rescue, (hopefully a really hot fireman, with nothing but overalls on, yeah) and hell free you from the ride. (metaphor for friend, or rehab, or whatever saves you).

You need to lay off the chemicals. If you think you were created, or even if you think you were sprouted from the waters ( i like the latter) its important to keep it natural. Only when mankind fucks with shit, does it smell bad( metaphor hinting to keep it natural).

I know its a rather large and uninviting stair case filled with nails and splinters, and you have to crawl on your belly, naked and sleep deprived. But a ton of people do it. And its better then being left in the basement to starve. I'll let you figure that one out for yourself.

Live, love and learn. And let the pain and the sadness be incentive to be happy, eh?

*hugs* (take a nap, read a book all night, watch the sunrise, and just thank something, be it god, or just the damn clouds, that your alive to see it all. The good the bad the happy the sad. Drugs are nothing compared to the high you get just being alive. An added bonus, you'll live way longer, and be conscious enough to see all that life stuff.

And don't let the capitalist system of appropriating wealth and getting a good education and steady job bring you down. I say, fuck that, find what it is that makes it all worth while, and fucking do it. (except for drugs cause that shit makes it worse in the long run) Be an artist, no matter what field. See the color in the black and white picture. LOVE.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""

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