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Default This is My Story

This an auto-biography I'm working on. Updates might not be frequent since this brings up really bad memories. Some names were edited for the sake of privacy. Tell me what you think of it so far.

The Story of My Life
By, Jeffrey L.

This is my story. All about me. Yes, this is sadly true. My life is this horrible. And I know when it all started.

Eight years ago. I was six. Crying my eyes out, and leaning against the wall.
"How could you Kelli!" my dad shouted at my mom. I had no idea what they were arguing about. And to tell you the truth, I still don't.
"Kole, please!" my mom begged. The next thing I new, my dad punched his fist into one of our walls. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran down the hallway. And I accidentally bumped into my older brother. I pushed him hard, apparently, and he tumbled down the stairs into the basement. I saw his head bang against the wall, the stream of red fluid streaming from his head, and the dazed look he gave me.
"Kyle!" both my parents shouted. My father pushed pass me and ran down to my brother. He looked at him, his eyes tearing up. Then my dad just walked off, and my mom was just standing there in shock. She took my hand and led me down to the basement. We then saw my dad come back, holding the gun we were to use if there was ever an emergency.
"You!" he said glaring at me,"you killed him!" He then pointed the gun at me, his finger on the trigger.
"Kole, no!" my mom hysterically cried and ran up to my dad. She pushed his hand so when he fired the gun, he shot himself. I remember that look of shock on his face, and the gasp of my mom.
"Daddy," I said in quiet, lost voice,"Kyle."
My mom came up to me and hugged me tight.
"I'm sorry Jeffrey," she said. We sobbed in each other's arms for hours.

And it gets worse from here on out.
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