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Default Re: Michael Moore's 'Sicko'

Originally Posted by kolte View Post
*yawns* Wait what?

When did smoking get into this, but anyway. America is founded, from a certain point of view, on the right of each person to do whatever they want as long as what they do doesn't impede upon the rights of others. In that since smoking could be viewed as impeding the right of health to the people. Health being a right noted in the declaration of independence, the right of LIFE liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

However, what about the automobile? A lot these medical problems arising in America could be linked to the pollution emitted from automobile exhaust in our not so clean air; not to mention the coal and gas power plants.

And what about the food we eat sold in stores and restaurants. Filled with trans fats, and poisons, and large amounts of saturated fats and table sugars, these foods, taken over large amounts of time cause just as many problems as smoking and car exhaust. Should there legality be called into question like that of cigarettes? Well, as far as America is concerned, no, though I beg to differ.

It comes down to this. To do nothing about the health care system would be unethical. Our health care polices are made to assist the rich and deny the poor. Deforming health care into a privilege, one that only the wealthy, capitalist, Haves (as opposed to have not's), are able to acquire.

I know this doens't really answer any calls. But I'm having trouble expressing my views. A case of writers block. But give me time, and I'll find the words.
i thought that it was as long as it doesnt hurt other people. and when you smoke you hurt other people. i did a whole article thingy on the smoking ban soo.....

and how is micheal moore a coward?
and he is losing weight

~Laura was here~
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