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Unhappy friend

I'm a eighth grader with a lot of friends. One of my friends, call him Brent, oftentimes when he comes over will show me and other friends his penis and ass in many, some subtle some not-so-subtle, ways. His penis is about 1.5"-2" long without an erection. He also tries to get his friend to show him their penises, by turning on porn or by pantsing them. One time, He actually jumped on top of me and began making sex thrusting motions. I felt through my shirt that his testicles were the size of marbles (mine being about the size of those big marbles). Another time, Brent was at my house with two other friends and brought up the subject of penis size. Brent said that his penis was 3.5" with an erection. Brian, my best friend (whose non-erect penis I had already seen while changing once; it's 2" without a boner) said that his is the same length as Brent's. One other friend there, Brett, often had jokes cracked to him. All around school, people said his was the biggest in the grade they've seen. He said his was 4.5". My penis is 6.5"-7" with an erection, 4.5" without. So I said i didn't know how big mine was because I didn't want to embarrass anyone. Later, Brent opened up porn on my computer and him and Brett started watching it. He whipped out his 3.5" penis and then reached into Brett's pants and pulled his penis out with him and jacked it off a little. I saw that Brett had much more pubic hair than I and that Brent shaved his hairs all off. First, I was wondering, with the shaving and the thrusting and the grabbing and the showing, do you think Brent is gay (not that there's anything wrong with that; my uncle's gay, too), and second, id it odd that my penis doubles theirs? Will it keep growing, seeing that I'm actually not very far through puberty compared to Brett? Will it be too big?
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