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Default his new gf is a bitch

ok so i need to stop hanging out with my ex mike.

quick info,
we broke up cuz i got drunk and told my friend that was with him to break up with him fr me and that hes an idiot and he can kiss my as etc. [don't remeber saying those things] so the next day he broke up with me.
were still good friends.

well now he has a new gf, and i just found this out, i know who she is i knew they liked each other.

but i'm hearing from his/my best friends that they all hate her because shes fucking with his mind, [shes his childhood friend]

she told his best friend she likes him too. he still didn't break up with her, she cuts and shows them [and apparently she "cut" because she wants to date his best friend not him, his best friend is the one who told me that]

so i cant just stand by and watch her fuck around with him. hes's so stupid he should of learned after dating me that girls fuck with your mind.

i can't watch her hurt him.

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