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Originally Posted by MykeSoBe View Post
So I've recently embarked on this venture to cut masturbation for Lent (for non-religious incentives, though). I'm on Day 6, Night 6 (yeah, I'm countin' the days, even though there really may be more than 40 days in Lent, IIRC), and, although I can feel it building up, I must also say that I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. I tried doing this for 3 other Lents, and, needless to say, failed on the fourth or fifth day, but this time, I think I've taken my willpower to a whole new level! (Just yesterday I remember talking myself out of forfeiting in the bathroom.)

The only thing that slightly discourages me is the thought of wet dreams possibly ruining all my "hard-work". You know, you having saved up all that semen and sperm for a few dozen days, when, all of a sudden, here comes a wet dream, making you start all over again. Although I have never had a wet dream, perhaps because I clean the oil pan often enough, I'm starting to anticipate one around the Day 20-ish mark. Anyone have thoughts on this?
Congratulations on being able to stop for that length of time, I know that for a lot of people it's incredibly difficult. Especially if you get into a routine of doing it on a regular basis.

One thing that I think you should know is that after about three days (I think it's three) your semen starts to get absorbed back into your system. So, technically, the amount that you ejaculate after 3 days will be similar to the amount after 30 days.

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