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Default Re: Another gay story!

Sandy’s house was a quaint, brick house with flowers bordering the walkway to his front porch, on which there was a swing and a few lounge chairs. Nervously, Corey stepped onto the porch and walked towards the front door. He cleared his throat, afraid that when Sandy answered his voice would crack. Timidly, Corey rang the doorbell.

He shifted his weight from foot to foot, glancing around like he was being spied on. Then, footsteps. A figure with shaggy hair appeared behind the door. Corey smiled automatically, hoping his teeth were clean.

Sandy appeared from behind the screen door. He was wearing a baggy, plain white shirt and a pair of dark green pajama pants. Once he saw Corey, he returned the smile. “Hey, Corey! Come in,” Sandy said, slowly pushing the screen door open.

“Thank you,” he replied, stepping into Sandy’s house. For an instant, Corey’s left hand brushed Sandy’s leg. Electricity danced through his arm, into his torso, into his heart, but Corey looked away and pretended it didn’t happen.

Sandy’s living room was half-bare. Only a couch, throw rug, and TV were set up. The rest of the room was filled with boxes. “We haven’t fully moved in yet,” Sandy explained. “Only our bedrooms and the kitchen are done.”

They moved into the kitchen. The tiles were off-white, the cupboards a very clean, woody tan. The white refrigerator was covered in magnetic poetry and family photos, including a very cute and smiley baby Sandy. “Do you want a drink?”

“Sure,” Corey replied. Sandy pulled out two Diet Pepsis from the fridge. Corey popped his soda open as they went upstairs to Sandy’s room…

…Oh my God, we’re going to his room? Corey wondered. This was going really fast… or maybe, but hopefully not, Sandy just wanted a platonic friendship. Maybe he didn’t know Corey was gay, although his note must have given it away.

The upstairs hallway was totally bare, with a few boxes along the wall. There was a stop sign and a rainbow sticker posted on Sandy’s bedroom door. Redundantly, Sandy said, “This is my room,” and opened the door.

Inside, the walls and the slanted ceiling were adorned with posters of bands. Sandy had a bookcase pressed against the farthest wall with a two shelves of CD’s. Nearest to the door were a dresser, a rotating computer chair, and a mirror. On top of the dresser were styling gel, ear rings, necklaces, gum, one dollar bills, and other random scraps. Other than his dresser, his room was very tidy. A twin-sized bed extended from the wall to their right, with a black comforter and white sheets, two white pillows, and two black pillows.

Sandy took the computer chair over to his bed and sat on it. Without thinking, Corey found himself sitting on Sandy’s bed, putting his soda on Corey’s nightstand next to a radio alarm clock.

Corey nervously cleared his throat again like an idiot and muttered, “So…”

Sandy picked up on his thought. “So, I guess you know I’m gay, right?”

“Yeah, I heard from Ally, Molly’s friend. You know I’m gay, too, right?” Corey asked back to Sandy.

“Yeah, but I could just tell.” He laughed shyly. “How long have you been out?”

“Two years. I came out to my parents first, then my friends, and it just spread around the school. I get shit for it everyday, though.”

“I guess that’s what I’m in for after today. A few girls I didn’t know were all over me, but that Adam Jacobs guy kept throwing little balls of paper at the back of my neck all biology class.”

“I hate that kid so much,” Corey added sympathetically. “So, do your parents know you’re gay?”

“Yes, but they don’t really care. They’re not the religious type. But if they did, they wouldn’t have time to bug me about it. They’re always at work.”

“Oh,” Corey said. “But you’re lucky.” Sandy gave him a weird look. “I mean, about them not minding. My dad had a fit. He never looks at me for very long anymore. My mom keeps bugging me about it just ‘being a phase.’”

“I’m sorry about them,” Sandy replied.

“Thanks,” Corey responded. Wow, Sandy was one of the sweetest and cutest boys he had ever met. They found each other looking in each other’s eyes. Sandy’s eyes shot upward towards his band posters.

“Do you mind if I play some of my CDs?” Sandy requested, trying to steer the conversation away from awkwardness.

“Sure.” Sandy crossed the room to his bookshelf and picked a random CD. As he put the disc in his stereo, Corey looked up on Sandy’s shelf over the bed. A plain black book poked out from all of Sandy’s other souvenirs from places he’d been.

Some loud, fast punk music blared from Sandy’s stereo. “What’s that?” Corey asked, pointing upward.

“Oh… my sketchbook,” Sandy replied shyly.

“You draw? Can I look?”

“Um…” Sandy began, but Corey was too curious and had already pulled it down. He flipped through the pages, seeing manga sketches, portraits of celebrities, and other unfinished etchings. Half the pages in the sketchbook were blank, but everything in there was brilliant.

“These are really good,” Corey complimented him.

“Thank you.” Corey looked up at Sandy, who was also looking at him. Sandy’s smile faded and he turned his attention back to his sketchbook immediately. Did Sandy have as big a crush on Corey as Corey did on him?

Corey flipped a page over and found a patchwork of colored graphite. It was a woman in a blue dress walking past a café in France. It was Sandy’s only finished sketch.

“Wow,” Corey whispered. He glanced over at his crush, who was gazing at his drawing like it was his own child. Sandy’s blue eyes were so intense, like burning miniature icy suns. Before Corey could stop himself, he leaned over and planted a soft kiss on Sandy’s smooth cheek.

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