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Default Absolutely alone...

I am absolutely alone.

My two best friends, the two I trusted, the two I gave everything to, the two who know everything about me...the two people I actually loved, fucked me over. Both of them stole from me, stole my heart along with a girlfriend, or a girl I simply crushed on...

My parents, the ones who introduced me to hard drugs, to abuse, to cuts, to self harm? What kind of parent is that to rely on? Fuck them. I am alone.

Girlfriends, what girlfriend? Sure, I have the occassional girl, but every time they "love" me, they happen to leave me for another person I trust. Bullshit.

And what's worse, is every time I meet someone who I'm sure wont fuck me over, who wont want me to die, to kill myself, they don't live within close proximity. Now, I know you can have a long distance relationship, and she's only an hour away...but she's exactly like me. A manic depressive, a terrible life from the start... how does this work? We both cry together? Wonderful...

Help me...

I cant find my razors, what will happen if I hammer a nail into my wrist...?

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