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Default Re: Don't take drugs!

Originally Posted by kevin
Originally Posted by Shaolin
Originally Posted by kevin
weren't you the one suggesting me to try some new stuff on aim once?
Err yeah, i don't particularily care about your childish conspiracys.

Care to show me some evidence of this?
Well I don't know if you were drunk when you were on aim, but you would've surely remembered it. You told me to rebel, take drugs and even gave me an example. I didn't know what was going on with you because after it I had gotten in a rather large fight with you and you blocked me. Now that I have a new screen name you ignore me. So really there's not a way of apologizing is there? I'm not a child. Maybe to you I'm young, but then again what are you compared to even older people?
Yes, he is a vigilante on AIM. He said to me that is "job" on VT was to give you false info and "rip the shit" out of you. Also "I hope your fater pumbles your 4 year old anus." "I hope your mother gets cancer" And he also said he would love to rip my mothers ass in two with his big cock. Isnt that all very interesting? I have it saved on my computer if anyone would like to see the genuine convo.
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