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Default Your most initmate moments...

And I don't mean sexual ones; With your boyfriend/girlfriend of any given time in your life.

+ What do you consider intimate?
+ What makes you really feel connected to this significant other?
+ How does this person make you feel emotionally?

I can't come up with any other questions right now, but feel free to add or elaborate on stories I love hearing about real romance I guess you can say, because ofcourse a good relationship is also about how you connect emotionally with the person as well as physically.

Here I go:

It actually happens so simply. It's usually when my bf (of 6 months) just holds me. Last night. A couple friends and I were over his house and it was now about quarter after 11 or so. The sky was so clear and the air was nice and cool. I was in my bf's jacket, and we [him and I] layed out in his front yard to look at the stars. We were mesmorized by all the little twinkling dots that floated up above our heads. We talked about how interesting space is and how we both wish we could go there. We wondered if God make all of it...or just some of it. We thought about all the different worlds out there. And how black holes are so mind puzzling. And then he held me under the stars. He said "Couldn't you just lay under here forever?" I agreed and we kissed. I told him I know there's a God because I wouldn't be with you. I told him how beautiful he is. He smiled and just gave me a kiss...

I think my boyfriend also has trouble with words unlike myself. I can speak to him like that but he doesn't close up or turn away. He smiles and gives me a gentle kiss. I just think that's his way of agreeing that he feels the same way. Plus we're still young and I'm positive of how much I love him (he's even just a little younger than me), so there's no rush to get how he feels out of me. I don't wanna push him away.

Because he makes me feel beautiful. He makes me feel like I can do it all...

I slept warmly and comfy in his jacket last night

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