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Default Nearly lost it, but things are working out.

Went to my girlfriends prom on thursday with a few of our mates. Took a shit load of coke with us and shared a few lines round. Then back to the hotel to get fucked up etc..
Next day her best mate who was with us and was given a couple of lines by me (a good friend of mine too) gets admitted to hospital after having a seizure. She has been very ill in the past and probably shouldn't have had it even though shes done coke and other drugs a few times before.
Then she had a second one shortly after being released, less than 24 hours after the first. Which is VERY uncommon apparantly, so I'm shitting myself. She could die and it might well be my fault.
Also I've got in serious trouble for sharing my drugs before as some of you may have heard, so I'm also thinking if it gets found out its gonna split me from my girl who I love more than anything.
Luckily nothing else has happened recently and she is being released today, so it looks like she should be ok, THANK FUCKING GOD.
I was so damn scared, I hope none of this shit gets out.
So when I found out all this shit on friday whilst shotting vodka at my friends house, I quickly get very depressed and sneak off to the kitchen when no ones looking, I grabbed a blade and made a few. She saw the marks the next day, being a cutter herself I checked her arms but nothing luckily.
I can't believe how stupid I was to let her have it, I knew she isn't healthy enough to do that stuff, but she asked and I let her. Fucking idiot Tim.
Sorry, just ranting.
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