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Originally Posted by 0= View Post
Well guys do care about the body no matter what, but I'm more of a butt and legs guy myself, and there are many others that don't care very much about breast size. Just try to work the parts of your body that you can actually improve in appearance and you'll be more attractive. It's not good to obsess over it, though. Maintain a healthy weight and I'm sure guys will be attracted to you. By this I mean healthy, not skinny as hell.
no offense dude... or as you used to be called... popo... but that did come off very shallow, not all guys do care about the body, and trust me on that 1, because one of my friends dated a girl and he didnt even like her for her body, he only liked her because she put out (shallow of him i know, but thats him not me) you are right that breasts arent everything but not all guys honestly care all about the body.


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