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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

So I've recently embarked on this venture to cut masturbation for Lent (for non-religious incentives, though). I'm on Day 6, Night 6 (yeah, I'm countin' the days, even though there really may be more than 40 days in Lent, IIRC), and, although I can feel it building up, I must also say that I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. I tried doing this for 3 other Lents, and, needless to say, failed on the fourth or fifth day, but this time, I think I've taken my willpower to a whole new level! (Just yesterday I remember talking myself out of forfeiting in the bathroom.)

The only thing that slightly discourages me is the thought of wet dreams possibly ruining all my "hard-work". You know, you having saved up all that semen and sperm for a few dozen days, when, all of a sudden, here comes a wet dream, making you start all over again. Although I have never had a wet dream, perhaps because I clean the oil pan often enough, I'm starting to anticipate one around the Day 20-ish mark. Anyone have thoughts on this?

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