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Default Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez

These books are amazing, and important. They portray growing up gay through three very realistic viewpoints of three fictitious gay teens: Kyle, Jason, and Nelson. This is how the series begins:

Kyle is a swimmer and a math nerd who's also secretly gay. Only his best friend Nelson knows. One day when seeing Jason at a gay youth group, he begins to fall in love with him.

Jason is the most popular guy in school- a basketball star, good-looking, and a nice guy- but also he is beginning to doubt his heterosexuality. With all the courage he can muster, he attends a gay youth group and sees Nelson, the most flamboyant "fag" in his school, and also Kyle, who he did not know was gay. After that meeting he has to confront his own sexuality and his feelings for Kyle.

Nelson is very outspoken, frequently dying his hair and with several piercings. He is the school "fag". He is best friends with Kyle, but also wants to be more than just friends. As Kyle falls for Jason, Nelson begins to get jealous and desperately seeks for love.

The books are a trilogy:

I highly recommend these books. Have fun reading!

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