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Default Re: Michael Moore's 'Sicko'

Originally Posted by kolte View Post
Of course America's health care system should be universal. I say social medicine for everyone! I think health is a right, not a privilege.
Socialized medicine is not the same thing as communized medicine. JOC, why the socialist viewpoint if you are an arduous defender of communism?

Smoking is one of several lifestyle choices that negatively affects an individual's health. In short, smoking is a right. If smoking contradicts my 'right' to good health, then people who smoke around me are violating my assumed 'right'. Presupposed 'rights' that violate the rights of others are not constitutional rights. If health is a 'right', then do you think a ban against, or staunch limitation of smoking is acceptable in American society?

I believe that reforms are needed in the healthcare system of America. However, I do not believe that the system be eradicated to yield socialized medicine. In summary, with socialized medicine, we get:

~Decreases in quality treatment
~No further drug advancements to combat illnesses from the common cold to AIDS with literally everything in between from juvenile diabetes to rheumatoid arthritis.

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